Mozzy – “Survivor’s Guilt” review

Mozzy is a 35 year old MC from Sacramento, California who I became a fan of in the summer of 2017 off his full-length debut 1 Up Top Akh. He would go on to be featured on the soundtrack for the incredible Marvel blockbuster Black Panther only 6 months later & drop 6 more albums through his EMPIRE-backed Mozzy Records but considering that Memphis veteran Yo Gotti signed him to his Interscope Records imprint Collective Music Group back in February, it was only a matter of time that Mozzy would drop his major label debut considering the fact that CMG’s been turning a lot of heads & getting a lot of coverage recently.

“Not the Same” is a introspective opener with it’s piano/sample infused trap beat along with the lyrics addressing those who say he’s changed whereas “If You Love Me” takes a more acoustic turn asking why he would change if people cared for him. EST. G tags along for the grim “Lurkin’” getting on their gangsta shit, but then Shordie Shordie comes into the picture for “Tell the Truth” to deliver one of the weakest features on the album despite the hyphy instrumental & the subject matter of wanting to be alone.

Continuing on with “Murder on My Mind”, we have Mozzy over some pianos & snares explaining why he can’t sleep without no slime leading into “Burrr” weaving in a twangy trap beat talking about how things are getting icy out here. “Wouldn’t Be Us” with YG shoots for a more cavernous aesthetic as both MCs telling their significant others it’s different then they’re thuggin’ just before “Smoke Nuffin’” bringing back the keys as 42 Dugg assists the mic to keep it 100.

“4Life” is a heavenly ode to Mozzy’s affiliation with the Bloods while the weepy “Make the News” with Blac Youngsta & Yo Gotti finds the trio calling out those who don’t actually love them like they said. “What You Hollin’” with his younger brother E-Mozzy & Celly Ru sees the 3 over some pianos & thumping drums getting on their mobb shit while “Ain’t Really Real” throws some strings in the mix talking about fake love.

The song “Open Arms” has a more smoother feel to the production as Mozzy talking about the streets welcoming him very kindly while the penultimate track “In My Face” with Saweetie & 2 Chainz shows a raunchier side to all 3 of them over a nervous DJ Mustard instrumental. “Real Ones” with Roddy Ricch however is a deadpan finisher to the album by showing love to those who’re no longer here with him.

Overall, I’d say that Survivor’s Guilt is one of the best major label debuts that I’ve heard in a while & most definitely a standout in Mozzy’s ever-growing discography. I could’ve done without a couple of the features, but a good portion of them proves that he fits in with CMG with the emotion throughout the 43 minutes is truly touching.

Score: 3.5/5

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