Rico Nasty – “Las Ruinas” review

Rico Nasty is a 25 year old rapper & singer/songwriter from Palmer Park, Maryland who caught my attention in 2018 off her 6th mixtape Nasty. Even though I found it to be decent, I was still very much impressed by her unique personality & her eclecticism. However the next spring, she got Kenny Beats to produce her debut EP Anger Management in it’s entirety & that ended up being my favorite body of work of hers even to this day. Nightmare Vacation was a bit of a step down from Anger Management even though it has a good share of bangers like ”iPhone” & “10Fo”, but was still excited for her 7th mixtape.

“Intrusive” is an industrial-laced opener with Rico talking about going at her competition whereas “Vaderz” takes a more hardcore/trap route as Bktherula tags along to go back & forth with one another comparing themselves to Invader Zim. “Black Punk” fuses trap metal with witch house to declare herself as such, but then Bk returns for the drum & bass-infused “Messy” asking how one can be organized yet disorderly.

Meanwhile on “Phuckin’ Lady”, we have Rico on top of a trippy instrumental expressing no remorse whatsoever just before “1 on 5” goes full-blown hip house warning that you’ll get jumped twice if her bitch jump first. “Gotsta Get Paid” works in a funky bass-line co-produced by 100 gecs to express her to desire to make paper leading into the Marshmello-backed “Watch Your Man” embracing neurofunk to rightfully boast her status in the game.

“Blow Me” comes through with a trappy pop rap ballad talking slick shit while the remix of “Jungle” by Elley Duhé is one of the more redundant cuts on the tape with all respect to both Fred again.. & Elley. “Dance Scream” on the other end takes a turn into electropop territory to plead for someone’s love while “Skullflower” dives into hyperpop talking about LSD.

Following that, “Focus on Me” embraces a more synthpop sound telling her lover she wants to be with them for the rest of her life while “Always” is less of a skit & more of a repetitive interlude. The song “Easy” is an acoustic ballad admitting that she letting someone make her feel her ashamed while the penultimate track “Into the Dark” brings back the drum & bass thanks to Charlie Heat promising to do better. As for “Chicken Nugget”, it’s a moody closer to the tape thanking her mother for making her strong.

If anyone reading this was a little disappointed as I was with Nightmare Vacation, then you’re gonna enjoy Las Ruinas much more because I think it continues to reveal herself to be the best female hip hop artist that the mainstream has to offer right behind the Hot Girl Queen herself: Megan Thee Stallion. I admire that the production is a lot more experimental in comparison to her full-length debut sticking to Rico’s trap/pop rap guns with the lyrics being more vulnerable this time around.

Score: 3.5/5

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