Tink – “Pillow Talk” review

Tink is a 27 year old rapper & singer/songwriter from Chicago, Illinois who blew up in the spring in 2012 off her debut mixtape Winter’s Diary. She would then proceed to drop 4 more tapes prior to signing a joint deal with Mosley Music Group & Epic Records in the fall of 2014, where she only put out 2 mixtapes prior to leaving in late February of 2018 due to Industry Rule #4080 unfortunately. Since starting her own label Winter’s Diary Records with distribution from EMPIRE, she’s given us her 8th mixtape Voicemails as well as a couple EPs & full-lengths. But much like Heat of the Moment that dropped last summer, Tink’s bringing Hitmaka back into the fold to executive producer her 3rd album.

“Going Bad” is a soothing trap opener about her calling her man when she gets lonely whereas “Switch” works in some guitars & finger-snaps asking who he fuckin’ on the side. “Opposite” shoots for a moodier aesthetic talking about how it feels when he plays his games on her, but then Cardiak & Hitmaka flip the 702 joint “Get It Together” for “Goofy” describing how the dick got her feeling.

Meanwhile on “Cater”, we have 2 Chainztagging along for an enticing duet talking about being made for each other pretty much leading into the slow jam “Throwback” expressing that she wants to love her man like a C4. Muni Long comes into the picture for “Mine” to deliver a weakly modernized version of the Brandy/Monica hit “The Boy is Mine” just before “25 Reasons” fuses a guitar with the sounds of a bed squeaking explaining why she loves this dude so much.

“Cum See Me” is an atmospheric ballad with an underwhelming Toosii verse at the backend of it about dreaming of one another while “Oooh Triflin” has a groovier vibe to it pondering how a fuck boy got her feeling some type of way & the Fabolous verse makes up for the staleness of the feature the last cut had to offer. “Balance” goes into woozier territory explaining that’s exactly what she needs while “Drunk Text’n” with Layton Greene is a tedious duet about texting each other fucked up off D’ussé.

Following that, the Russ-assisted “News” has to be my least favorite duet of them all despite the decent trap production primarily because of just how awkward the chemistry is while the song “Ghetto Luv” with G Herbo picks it back up with it’s rich instrumental & the lyrics about just that. The penultimate track “Cum’n 2” brings back the acoustics explaining that her heart ain’t meant for breaking with “I Choose Me” ends the album by talking about drinking wine & that ain’t nothin’ worth more than her peace over a stripped back beat.

Tink has always been writing songs touching on romance, so it was really a matter of time before she made a whole R&B album embracing a sexier side to her & it’s really not a bad listen although it certainly has it’s flaws. Wasn’t really feeling a good majority of the features, but she sounds very confident on the mic & Hitmaka’s production yet again proves to be a solid fit for her mostly.

Score: 3/5

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