Chetta – “Falling Off” review

This is the 19th EP from New Orleans emcee/producer Chetta. Emerging in the spring of 2014 off his debut mixtape Nino White, he would go on top follow it up in the form of his previous 18 EPs as well as 11 more tapes & a full-length debut. He signed G*59 Record$nearly 2 years ago & put out his $crim-produced sophomore effort Been Here Forever last summer that I really enjoyed, so didn’t see a reason not to be excited for Falling Off.

“Heaven for a Thot” is a synth-trap opener addressing those who be trying to eat him up whereas “Boohoo” works in some rubbery bass & hi-hats so he can clap back at everyone who says they miss the old him. “Lovers & Øpps” gives me more eerier vibes to the instrumental getting more boastful lyrically only until “#GotMeFuckedUp” admits that he’s too fucked up over a trap instrumental with some pinky keys.

The 2nd half of the EP starts off with “Pantone 10c” fuses some electronic qualities with trap to spit that gangsta shit while the song “Before/We/Forget” embraces more of a cloudier sound talking about focusing on himself. The penultimate track “Nightmares Shaped Like You” has a more desponding groove to the beat hoping his girl don’t end up leaving him & “…Disintegrate” is an auto-tune heavy closer with a atmospheric trap beat telling his lady to come kill him & acknowledging that she sees him alone.

Now I’m not sure whether or not this is something to warm us up for the next album but either way, I still think Falling Off is one of Chetta’s most interesting EPs that he’s whipped up yet. I respect how he decided to take the risk of producing the whole thing by himself & am excited to hear where his style behind the boards evolve from here as he pokes fun at those who believe he fell off.

Score: 3.5/5

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