ItsMarsYaDig – Self-Titled review

This is the eponymous full-length debut from Detroit recording artist & producer ItsMarsYaDig. Turning heads over the last few years after producing hits like “Tweakin’ Together” by Bktherula or “Lost & Found” by Amaru Sun, he would also build a solo career for himself along way by dropping loosies like his debut single “Flyaway” or “AllDay”. But after taking some time off, Mars is returning to properly reintroduce himself to a wider audience in the form of a self-titled album.

“Sillyho!+” opens things up with an electronic/trap hybrid to tell a thotty to get the fuck up off his phone whereas “Simp!” keeps things in dancier turf with some hi-hats telling his girl that he’s the opposite of a sucka. My lil bro Jacob! joins him on “Colder” for a revised version of a previously released single called “Since Kroger” that I find to be superior to the original, but then “Kendall Jackson Chardonnay” with Rowlaine to split the titular brand of liquor with their ladies over a moody beat.

Meanwhile on “Planet Talk”, we have Mars over a synth-trap hybrid remembering the days when he was broke just before Rodney Wolf & the homie MEGiDDO tag along for “NASA” to drip out of their way if they say it’s cool accompanied by an instrumental that almost gives me a bit of hyphy vibes with the exception of the hi-hats. Rmani Blaak comes into the picture for the atmospheric trap joint “Do You Wrong” telling this bitch he’ll hoe her if she touches his brother just before “TakeU2theSea” tells his girl that she needs a vacation with the production giving me a summery mood.

“MILAN” is an acoustic trap ballad about putting his girl on a friend to the titular city in Italy with Yung Rani delivering my 2nd favorite feature performance of the album while “King” declares himself to be royalty even without chess & the instrumental here could very well be the quirkiest of the bunch we’ve heard thus far. “Rosegold” has a more atmospheric approach talking about how fly he is & his girl being on fire while “bACktH3n!” orchestrally reflects on the days he used to run bands with his brothers.

The song “brandnew!” with Redstarr had a more aquatic trap flare to it as the pair show off all the new shit they’ve copped while the penultimate track “Wish” brings back the acoustics & hi-hats 1 last time to talk about his dreams coming true when his significant other is there with him by his side. “Shop with M3” sends it all off with a delicate closer as Mars expressing the desire to get one so gone at all the stores to the point where you can hardly speak.

Mars has always had artistic potential & this album expands on that for the Detroit up-&-comer quite a bit. I like how he brought in some outside producers to handle the beats so he can focus more on his lyrical abilities on top of the fun batch of production that’s brought to the table & the features all sound as hungry as he does. I truly am excited to hear him grow from here.

Score: 3.5/5

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