Fulcrum – “All at Once” review

Fulcrum is a 24 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, producer & YouTuber from Walnut Creek, California emerging off the strength of his debut single “Fucking Nothing”. He then began to turn heads in the fall of 2021 off the banger “My Way Out” & his YouTube momentum taking off this past fall by getting faded than hoe all over public places on Yodie Land spreading positivity to the yodie gang. But to celebrate his born day, he’s giving the yodie gang his 4th EP following up Identity as well as abundance & self-titled.

“Fly Around” sets off the EP with a plugg instrumental from none other than Goyxrd telling y’all he is nowhere to be found in your area whereas “Further” takes the mellow trap route talking about how he keeps it pushing. “Japanese” has a more happier tone to the instrumental describing a woman in his life that he considers to be unforgettable just before “Back Then” calls out those who didn’t want to fuck with them until he blew up over another pluggy beat.

Moving on to the self-produced Fed Hoe”, we have Fulcrum asking why his girl lied to him by his side over some keyboards & hi-hats leading into the title track talking about smoking a whole pack of good kush at once over some more plugg instrumentals. “Driving to the Moon” has a more cloudier vibe as he continues to run it up, but then “Faded than a Hoe” comes through with a more delicate sound delivering an anthem based on one of his catchphrases. The penultimate track “Someone 2 Luv” returns to a pluggier aesthetic tackling romance until the closer “Lovely” ends it all with some hi-hats & pianos talking about feeling lucky.

Even though I enjoy this dude’s videos & some of his songs, one of my biggest critiques in the past was that you can blatantly hear a huge Pi’erre Bourne influence on some of his early material & it was a little distracting at times. However, I think Fulcrum shakes that off with All at Once because this is quickly becoming my favorite EP of his yet. It’s interesting to hear him take a backseat on the production side of things & stepping up his songwriting, thus coming into his own. Need I say more?

Score: 3.5/5

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