redveil – “playing w/ fire” review

This is the 3rd EP from Maryland emcee & producer redveil. Emerging up at the tail-end of 2019 off his debut EP Bittersweet Cry, I wouldn’t get introduced to his music until 8 months after when a short-lived Twitter beef between him & the internet’s busiest music nerd himself Anthony Fantano broke out merely days after dropping his following EP Niagara. He then celebrated his 18th birthday last year in the form of his debut mixtape learn 2 swim & is returning by dropping playing w/ fire in the midst of the most recent tour that he’s currently on promoting it.

“stuck” is a triumphantly drumless way to kick the whole thing off talking about running it back whereas “giftbag” experiments fusing pop rap with jazz rap & chipmunk soul telling motherfuckers to get off his dick as well as how they be hoes by switching up on you. JPEGMAFIA slides through for the politically charged “black enuff” fusing trap metal with highlife & industrial music just before “f2g (fucks 2 give)” with Mekdelawit has a bit of an EDM groove to it talking about running out of exactly just that. “captain” makes it clear that it be known who’s frontin’ & that redveil is the man in charge over a soulful trap beat until the title track ends it all by blending synths, pianos & hi-hats declaring it to be done on everyone/everything he loves.

For those’ve you who started tuning into this guy off. His remarkable guest verse on Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA’s latest collab effort Scaring the Hoes, then I’d tell you off the bat that this & learn 2 swim are the strongest offerings in his catalogue thus far. The production is a bit more experimental this time around in comparison to his older stuff & the performances are incredibly captivating.

Score: 4/5

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