Lloyd Banks – “The Course of the Inevitable 3: Pieces of My Pain” review

Lloyd Banks is a 40 year old MC from Queens, New York City gaining notoriety in the 2000s for his witty punchlines along as well as being an original member of G-Unit alongside childhood friends 50 Cent & Tony Yayo. After the group’s silent disbandment in 2015, he kept himself busy for a little while by releasing A.O.N. 2 (All Or Nothing 2): L.I.U. (Live It Up) & Halloween Havoc 3: 4 Days of Fury just before taking on a 5-year hiatus that really lasted until he received a song placement on the soundtrack for Griselda Records’ theatrical debut Conflicted already 2 & a half years prior. He eventually made a grand return by dropping The Course of the Inevitable & a sequel, but is rounding out the trilogy in the form of his 6th full-length album.

“Pieces of My Pain” starts things off with some pianos, kicks & snares from Cartune Beatz as Lloyd asks how they supposed to change as well as having to see it 20/20 whereas “Onyx AMG” looks back when he used to be down as opposed to being on top now over a glistening boom bap instrumental. “Money Machine” keeps it raw as he watches the green grow just before the suspenseful “Cliffhanger” laced by V Don talks about how friends change & all that he has is himself.

Meanwhile on “101 Razors”, we have Method Mantagging along professing that money won’t ever change them keeping it in the basement as far as sound goes leading into “Movie Scenes” talking about being a big timer on top of a ghostly beat. “Opened Gates” weaves in a sample with some kicks & snares asking what would you do to be remembered, but then “LSD” with Vado makes it clear they ain’t showing love to anyone over a raw boom bap instrumental.

“Voices” flips another sample throughout layering more kicks & snares admitting he still hears voices in his head telling him they’ll never let him lay down while “Red Alert” with Tony Yayo & 38 Speshsomberly talks about hitting them right where it hurts. “Keys to Success” comes through with a shimmering boom bap beat telling y’all what it takes to be successful in life while “Automatic Pilot” by The Council couldn’t prelude the supergroup’s upcoming full-length debut any better.

The final leg of the album starts off with “Invisible” goes chipmunk soul acknowledging that he won’t see the ones he can count on to call whatsoever as soon as he makes it happen while the song “Daddy’s Little Girl” is a heartfelt ode to his daughter. The penultimate track “Showers” is a somber boom bap ballad talking about the love making the outcome better & “Deceitful Intentions” with Cormeg is a sample based closer airing out those who be fraudulent.

The whole Course of the Inevitable trilogy has caused everyone to renew interest in Lloyd once again & I can definitely see why the final installment here is his favorite of the 3 personally. Cartune Beatz gets his shine with most of the production & the lyrics are more personal than the last 2 albums. Whether it’s a 4th Course of the Inevitable or something different, the most skilled lyricist in 50’s old crew is further revealing himself to be the most consistent.

Score: 4/5

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