Ty Fontaine – “Black Truck Life” review

Ty Fontaine is a 23 year old recording artist from the DMV area who broke out in 2019 off the strength of his debut EP Waiting on Ascension. He would go on to follow this up with the full-length debut We Ain’t the Same alongside a couple of mixtapes & 3 more EPs, the previous being The Revive which was a prelude to his Internet Money-backed debut mixtape Ascension. But as Ty gears up for a sequel to the latter, he’s returning with a 5th EP.

“DSO (4AM in the Black Truck)” starts it all off by Ty speaking on finding his purpose on top of a cloudy trap instrumental whereas “The Sky is Falling” with TTM Dawg finds the pair talking about the type of freaks they like over a moody backdrop with some hi-hats interpolating the Jay Sean/Lil Wayne song “Down” during the hook. “Sexc Lady” comes through with a more sample-based trap vibe describing just how sexy the woman in his life is, but then “Spread (on da Counter)” is an atmospheric/acoustic hybrid with some braggadocio-infused lyricism.

Moving on from there with “Lobstermac”, we have Ty talking about eating exactly that for dinner accompanied by another cloudy trap beat leading into the brief yet delicately produced “heartbreak hotel” telling his girl to fly with him even though she’s sober now. “Where I’d B” featuring Highway happens to be a favorite of mine off the EP from the vibrant instrumental to the lyrics about being lost without their lovers, but then “B.S.T. (BloodSweatTears)” is a 2-minute piano trap ballad explaining that it’s do it for as well as giving praise to the most high.

The song “City of Angels (Vinny Chase)” flips “Whole Lotta Something Goin’ On” by Raphael Ravenscroft referring to Los Angeles as his 2nd home which I can relate to personally while “The Come Down” returns to an airier, more melodic vibe pointing out the fact that it could be worse. “Keep It In Confidence” however ties things up here by hooking up hi-hats on top of a high-pitched sample by taking everything he was told & putting his trust into them.

Ascension still stands as my personal favorite body of work throughout Ty’s discography thus far & this prelude EP over here has me intrigued to hear what direction the sequel will take it when we get it presumably later on in the year. He does a fine job displaying his versatility whether it be poppy trap bangers or contemporary/alternative R&B ballads as L.3.G.I.O.N. helping him continue to expand his sound on the production end.

Score: 3.5/5

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