Zombie Juice – “Love Without Conditions” review

Zombie Juice is a 32 year old MC from Brooklyn, New York who came up as 1/3 of the trio Flatbush ZOMBiES when he & the other 2 members all attended Midwood High together. They would go on to release a couple mixtapes & albums together throughout the previous decade all to critical acclaim, but have been focusing on solo careers since their debut EP now, more than ɘver… with Meechy Darko being the first up at bat with a full-length album of his own executive produced by Dot da Genius last summer & Isaac Blaze being up next with his solo effort.

The album kicks off with the wavy “Melancholy” calling depression a bitch whereas “Hikari” follows it up with a jazzy boom bap jam produced by Erick the Architect talking about the light he brings his lover illuminating her through the darkness. Curren$y tags along for the synth-heavy “Terpalation” making it clear that they always want more, but then “Hootz” works in a wavy backdrop as well as some kicks & snares courtesy of Powers Pleasant talking about waking up next to something beautiful.

Moving on to “Dizzy”, we have The Underachievers joining Zombie Juice over a spacious ballad with some hi-hats that Issa Goldhappened to lace airing out those trying to kill then leading into Meechy coming into the picture for the desponding trap joint “Dr. Miami” talking about needing a nut & not missing their exes. “Say Enough” is more piano driven hoping everyone remembers him after a long year while the tranquil “Fly” talks about being on his way. The penultimate track “Alto” with Devin the Dude psychedelically acknowledges those figuring out how they did it & “Mindful” ends the album with a thoughtful 6 minute closer with a luxurious beat.

Gothic Luxury was such a solid way for Meech to differentiate himself as a solo act & what he does with both Flatbush AND the Beast Coast. As for Jewice, he manages to do the same thing on Love Without Conditions. The lyrics confess his experiences with abuse, homelessness & loss with the production ranging from trap to jazzy boom bap & even psychedelia. That leaves only Erick left to branch out by his lonely on an album that I hope elevates him from his early mixtapes/EPs.

Score: 3.5/5

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