Diorvsyou – “w.t.f.i.dvy? (who the fuck is diorvsyou?)” review

This is the 2nd EP from Atlanta up-&-comer Diorvsyou Coming up in 2021 off his last EP Scoreboard, it wasn’t until I saw him open up for southsidesilhouette in Brooklyn back in November where I was personally introduced to his music & I was actually impressed with his set. But considering that his born day was just a few days ago, what better way for him to give back to the fans than to introduce himself to a wider audience & enlist Zaan behind the boards to fully produce w.t.f.i.dvy? (who the fuck is diorvsyou?).

The title track kicks off the album with euphoric trap ballad talking about trying to hit everybody in the club whereas “mi amor” works in an angelic loop as well as some horns & hi-hats for a dedication to the love of his life. “Django” takes a more otherworldly trap route telling the coach to put him in the game because he knows the plan just before the cloudy yet bass heavy “look alike” featuring Rollinthrax boasts the fact that all their bitches fine.

Meanwhile, “fuck a bank” flexes having a money counter with a wavily colorful trap beat while the penultimate track “prize pick” takes a futuristic approach telling his hoe that he chose from the start to play her part cleverly enough. The penultimate track “joerogan” is a psychedelic banger of a closer making it clear to some hoe that living good these days & “throw up” ends the EP with some hi-hats & high-pitched synthesizers talking about classy shit.

If you’re aren’t familiar with this guy, then I think this EP should make you wake the fuck up because he just took it to a whole new level on here in comparison to Scoreboard. Zaan continues to himself to be a producer that you should keep an eye out for down the road as his production game is amongst is strongest to date & Dior’s performances are his most captivating.

Score: 4/5

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