Summrs – “Ghost” review

Summrs is a 23 year old rapper from Lafayette, Louisiana emerging up as a member of the Goonie-founded Slayworld collective. He presence has been known predominantly in the plugg scene by constantly dropping projects whether it be his previous EP What We Have & Fallen Raven, both of which I highly recommend listening to if you wanna get into his music. But coming fresh off Stuck in My Ways a little over 3 months ago, Rino’s keeping things rolling by dropping his 8th full-length album & his 2nd of 2023 as of me writing this.

“Devil on My Back” is a wavy trap opener making it clear that all of his homies are about business & God helps him remain catching Ws whereas “Like Woah” takes a glitchier approach courtesy of BNYX describing the neat freak in his life. “Shake It” has a bit of an EDM groove to it this time around talking about a woman feeling nobody else but him prior to “Eye 4 Eye” working in some hi-hats & a ghostly loop so he can boast lyrically.

Desire is the only feature on the album making his first appearance on the lively “Rich n Turnt” showing off their wealth & how lit they are just before “Real Goat” has a bassy trap vibe to it talking about being the best at the end of the day. “Prayer” delves into how much this Brazilian baddie he bagged is like his twin with an instrumental that has a psychedelic edge to it leading into the rubbery yet horn-infused “No Really” talking about being a prodigy.

Meanwhile, “Ball 4 Ball” finds Desire returning 1 last time for an ethereal trap banger continuing to flex on the lyrical side of things until “Got Dat Moneh” delves into rage territory addressing his riches. “Free Body” returns to a hazy trap sound telling those who’ve never seen a hundred or milli’ piece that they can’t ever speak to him, but then “Like BK” makes a turn into hypertrap territory once more giving his props to another dope artist in the rage/plugg subgenres at the current moment: Bktherula.

“I’m Paid” blends some hi-hats & ghostly background vocals so dude can keeping touching on his wealth while “Nvr Losing” is a synth-trap crossover talking about not taking an L in his life ever again. “God Like” comes through with a more ultramodern beat comparing basically talking about being as untouchable as possible & “Goty” switches it up by pulling from cloud rap a bit with his goal being to have his children get $100M in their each one of their wills.

As we reach the final leg of the album, “Meet You There” had a bit of a Travis Scott influence sonically telling this girl not to call him & simply leave him alone while “Munchkin” talks about being on top of the mountain over some more synth-based production. The song “Slowflow” hooks up some hi-hats & chilling auto-tuned vocals admitting he just wanted to hit a lab rat that his homies can have back while the penultimate track “It Get Krazy” gets bombastic for nearly 2 minutes talking about how nuts shit can get. The closer though is an sincere, atmospheric tribute to the late Virgil Abloh.

Stuck in My Ways is still my favorite of the 2 albums that we’ve gotten from Summrs this year so far, but Ghost is still worth checking it to me if you’re a fan of his in any capacity because I admire how he’s been trying to elevate my flows & sound on here as well as introducing him into his creative mind on here. On top of that, I like how it’s nearly 10 minutes shorter than last time & ditches the plugg elements in order to save them for his next body of work.

Score: 3.5/5

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