Summrs – “Stuck in My Ways” review

This is the 7th full-length album from Louisiana rapper Summrs. Coming up as a member of the Goonie-founded Slayworld collective, he presence has been known predominantly in the plugg scene by constantly dropping projects whether it be his previous EP What We Have or even the last album Fallen Raven that we got 6 months ago. Both of which I highly recommend listening to if you wanna get into his music & is also enough to have me looking forward to Stuck in My Ways when he announced it merely days ago.

“Relying on Roxy” is an acoustic trap opener produced by BenjiCold with dude feeling like he’s dying when he’s strung out whereas “Start Striking” takes a cloudier route picking up where it’s predecessor left off thematically talking about fighting withdrawals. “No Days Off” brings back the acoustics yet again referring to himself as a rockstar & being in the studio constantly leading into the ethereal “Life’s a Beautiful Curse” talking about the ups & downs that come with living in the world today.

However on “Pure Motion”, we have Summrs handling the hook so his younger brother Desire can spit a verse accompanied by a booming GeoGotBands instrumental just before the synth-laced “No Morals” calling out some bitches for being as licentious as they are. “Russian Roulette” has a wavier groove to it admitting that he ain’t in this rap shit for the fame but rather the cheese, but then “Die Rich” blends some synthesizers & bass to talk about going out lit.

“Van Cleef Poppin’” dives into plugg territory droppin’ some vibrant braggadocio along the way while “Addy Geek” brings a more futuristic flare to the mix talking about being fucked up off the Adderall. “The Detox” comes together with some keys & hi-hats courtesy of Chief Keef to my surprise dedicating it to a bitch who be with him because he stays winning while “Drug Traffickin’” is another piano trap ballad about living lavish in the penthouse.

Meanwhile on “Like a River”, things take a more moodier approach encouraging to keep the money flowing while “My Voicemail” is a settle 2 & a half minute R&B joint which is fine except my biggest complaint about it definitely has to be the mixing. “Closing the Book” is a syrupy slow jam singing how he ain’t like the other boys that his girl has been with in the past with the stripped back “Blood Tears” talking about no one being on the same tier as him & that things would’ve been done differently had said person was with him. 

“Miles on U” comes through with a hazy, auto-tune heavy pop rap cut with some romantic lyricism while “Album Just for You” goes pluggnb thanks to Autumn! singing about how he has a whole unreleased body of work on his phone dedicated to the love of his life. “I.K.Y.M.M.G. (I Know You Miss Me Girl)” has a more standard plugg sound telling this woman to call him because he knows she misses him dearly while “Pilates” keeps the synths & hi-hats going talking about everything being exotic.

Following that, “Like My Diamonds” keeps things in plugg turf comparing his girl’s beauty to his ice while the woozy “Baby Blue Gwag” is a catchy little ode about copping this dude’s girl a G Wagon. The track “Switch Sound” is a shimmering trap banger with some boastful lyrics while the penultimate song “Praise da Most High” is a peppy anthem giving his thanks to the man upstairs. The title track then ends the album on an acoustic trap note admitting that he wars his heart on his sleeve & is trying to cover up his sins with the drank. 

Fallen Raven still stands as my favorite Summrs album to date since it shows his artistic range best, but I still came away from Stuck in My Ways enjoying it almost as much. Primarily because of the fact that still brings the pop rap, pluggnb & rage aesthetics that made the previous full-length enjoyable & swapping the drill undertones out by pulling from alternative/contemporary R&B a little bit more than usual.

Score: 3.5/5

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Summrs – “Fallen Raven” review

Summrs is a 22 year old rapper from Lafayette, Louisiana who cam up as a member of the Goonie-founded Slayworld collective. His presence has been known predominantly in the plugg scene by constantly dropping projects whether it be the All Summr trilogy or his last EP What We Have, the latter of which in my opinion I’d recommend going to if you’re unfamiliar with the kid already. Last we heard from him was 9 months ago when he dropped Nothing More Nothing Less & after countless delays, he’s returning with his 6th full-length album.

“Let da Birds Out” is a hypertrap-laced opener with a blaring instrumental & lyrics warning to take down anyone who plays him whereas “Wakeup” takes a more odious route talking about wanting new shit. “So Much Cheese” comes through with some decent braggadocio even if the rage beat on here sounds like it was originally made for Yeat down to the bells, but then “Catch a Kill” works in some synth-horns & hi-hats showing a malicious side to him.

Meanwhile on “FadaPhillipe”, we have Summrs on top off a bassy instrumental continuing to flex leading into “Twin did dat” getting back in his gangsta rap back except the production is just mild to me. The beat that “Swing Ya Pole” brings to table is very similar to that of “So Much Cheese” talking about waking up to money on his mind just before “Clear da Business” brings the horns back telling a pussy to get out of his feelings.

“Calico from Mehico” laces some synthesizers boasting once more while “Don’t Mean Shit” ends Side A of the album by mixing a flute & bells confessing that drugs are killing him. “5:35am” is completely stripped back in terms of sound talking about fighting his demons daily while “Vali, CO” takes a cloudier approach saying all he wanted was the bag.

Following that, “For you” goes completely drumless as Summrs confesses his love to an unnamed woman while “Ashes” weaves some glistening pianos in talking about needing another cup. “Cuts So Deep 2” goes full-blown plugg hoping he’ll be forgiven once he’s passed while the atmospheric “FTW” talking about people moving the fuck out his way when he’s posted up.

“Perfect Timing” has a peppier tone to the beat detailing being in love while “Soulja Rag” returns to cloudier territory talking about how it’s supposed to be. “Bonnie & Klyde 2” shoots for a wavier aesthetic wanting to wife up his girl while “NSA” is a chill way to end Side B of the album talking about how it was all supposed to be no strings attached.

The first bonus cut “Dear Mom,” reverts back to drumless turf much like “For you” dedicating it to his mother while the penultimate track “Loving u’s a Sin” is a twangy trap ballad comparing his bitch to that of the devil. “Caused Envy.” ends the album with a guitar & snares calling out someone who switched up on him all just for pussy.

As far as Summrs’ full-lengths go, I think it’s safe for me to say that Fallen Raven is my favorite thus far. To me, it really shows his range as an artist with EVOLVED 2 (Side A) dabbling with rage beats & What We Have 2 (Side B) sticking to the PluggnB sound that he as well as longtime collaborator Autumn! helped popularize.

Score: 4/5

Summrs – “Nothing More Nothing Less” review

This is the latest full-length album from Lafayette rapper Summrs. Coming up as a member of the Goonie-founded Slayworld collective, he’s made his presence known in the plugg scene by constantly dropping projects whether it be the All Summr trilogy or his most recent EP What We Have which in my opinion would the recommended go to if you’re unfamiliar with the kid already. However only 4 months later, he continues to grind his ass off by putting out Nothing More Nothing Less.

The titular intro begins the album with Summrs atmospherically looking back at going from the loser in his high school to being the man leading into the cloudy “Never Ever” addressing a person faking the funk. “Like a Band” smoothly details his exquisite life whereas “In the Name of U” glossily speaks on getting high to honor a woman named Brenda who’s no longer in his life.

“From da Heart” is quite possibly the most personal cut on the album detailing his emotional pain with a moody instrumental just before the nocturnal “Blood Always Thicker” pays tribute to his friends, family & fans. “Can’t Make This Up” has some lush synth melodies getting romantic, but then the Autumn!-produced “Da MVP” serves as a mellow victory lap.

Meanwhile on “First 48”, we have Summrs entrancingly getting in his gangsta back & “Back 2 da Basics” comes through with a killer off-the-top freestyle lasting a couple minutes. The penultimate track “I’m Ready” speaks on keeping the Draco with him at all times over some synths & hi-hats while “Where We Left Off / Real Me” is a well sequenced 2-parter that finishes the album talking to his lover.

Coming away from Nothing Less Nothing More, it’s probably my favorite album of his thus far & I’m curious to hear how Evolved II is gonna sound in a couple weeks. He puts his own unique spin on the plugg sound by continuing to infuse elements of R&B as shown on What We Have, but I would love a project from him produced entirely by Autumn! because they’re the plugg equivalent to Future & Metro Boomin’.

Summrs – “What We Have” review

Summrs is a 20 year old rapper from Lafayette, Louisiana coming up as a member of the Slayworld collective founded by Goonie amongst others. He’s dropped a plethora of projects since 2016 including All Summr & Devotion. But just 3 months after his most recent album Intoxicated, the kid is following it up with a brand new EP.

The title track at the start speaks on his drug addiction over a peaceful yet bass-heavy beat from Goyxrd whereas the next song “put out fye” is a cloudy love ballad. Meanwhile on “out da window”, we get these luscious synth chords as Summrs shows off his bankroll while the Autumn!-produced “just can’t” is a smoky cut about how no one can touch his rank. The penultimate track “bfo2” serves as a mystical sequel to “Me vs. the World / Bros Fall Out” & then “cut so deep” is a glossy finisher about how “you feelin’ me & I’m feelin’ you”.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best projects that Summrs has put out yet. I like how he went back to the pluggnb sound that he came up on & it’s pretty cool for any Day 1 fans of his.

Score: 3.5/5