Tony Shhnow – “Love Streak” review

This is the 6th full-length album from Atlanta rapper Tony Shhnow. Being introduced to his music after my younger brother J$zpiech showed me his 4th mixtape Black Billionaires Club & the song “Vet” off the full-length debut Da World’s Ours 3, he then continued to turn heads with his 8th mixtape Reflexions to critical acclaim last summer & I honestly wish I covered it considering that some of his best songs are on there like “Finessin’” or “Forgive Don’t Forget”. He then returned to his plugg roots on the BeatPluggz produced Plug Motivation nearly 6 months ago & is already back with Love Streak.

“If It Wasn’t for Me” is a sample drill opener acknowledging that his girl wouldn’t be in love right now had he not come back around whereas “Real Rare” has a more chilled out aesthetic to the beat talking about legitimacy being scarce this day in age. “Don’t B Affraid” hooks up an R&B loop with some hi-hats so he can tell shawty that she shouldn’t worry about a damn thing around him, but then we’re treated to a sequel to “Sometimes” off Killstreak 2 that’s superior to the predecessor from the CashCache instrumental flipping “Rain” by SWV to the lyrics about how he rides around depending the given day.

Keeping it rolling, we have the Shhnowman on “Something to Remember” telling his lover that she ain’t ever met another guy like him in the past with a slickly sensual beat & Lil Crank doing a fine job with the hook just before “Need” has a more groovy vibe to it talking about the woman he’s currently seeing the only one he needs in his life. The sequel to “Time Takes” off the original Killstreak flipping the sample smoothly declaring that only the man upstairs can judge his fate leading into the tranquil “Control Issues” featuring 3AG Pilot to discuss their expensive tastes & their bitches being thick although they slim.

“On the Street” has the hardest feature performance of the entire album from MAVI as he & Tony jump on a drumless instrumental to talk about being on the block while “ILY / IH8U” has a cloudier vibe teetering between being obsessed with this girl to being unable to stand her. “Unordinary Drugs” comes through with a dope ass flip of “No Ordinary Love” by Sade describing the goods as being unusual or extraordinary while “Mixed Emotions” has a calmer approach explaining that you can feel every step he takes

Meanwhile, “Touch the Sky” is a jazzy 2-minute heater to start the final leg of Love Streak encouraging his lover to open her mind & speak to him about literally anything while the song “Friends Still” with UnoTheActivist finds the 2 dominant forces in plugg music by delivering an enticing jam asking if they still cool with the significant others in their lives. The penultimate track “Reminisce” cooks up a more peaceful sound as the Shhnowman reflects & D.R.A.M. dropping the best hook on the whole album until “No Pressure” sends things off on a pluggier note acknowledging that he’s unable to stress shit.

Plug Motivation was a more than welcoming return to Tony’s roots into the trap subgenre that he helped pioneer & given the title of this new project here, I went into it expecting a more romantic side of him & that’s exactly what we got here. A couple lackluster feature performances here & there, but I also respect the amount of R&B/soul samples throughout tying into the whole romantic concept that dude pulls off naturally as opposed to it coming off as trite & forced like some other rappers normally do.

Score: 3.5/5

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