Frazier Trill – “Still Trapp’n” review

This is the sophomore full-length album from South Carolina rapper Frazier Trill. Emerging as a Pi’erre Bourne protégé after signing to the latter’s Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records, he then made his mark over a couple years ago after withan eponymous debut fully produced by his mentor properly introducing himself to the masses & showing us what he’s capable of. But as Pi’erre is now turning his attention to his SossHouse signees after dropping his latest EP Grails last month to critical acclaim, Frazier is first at bar assuring that he’s Still Trapp’n.

“Alaska” is a symphonic trap opener flexing that his shit be on froze whereas “System” works in some synths & organs getting on the more conscious tip lyrically talking about the corruption within the United States government. “Bachelor Party” hooks up some horns & hi-hats assuring that you know it’s about to get wild, but then “One of a Kind” brings back the synthesizers so he can talk about how fine & unique that one special woman in his life truly is to him.

Meanwhile, we have Frazier expressing his desire for 30 chains on “Lu Kang” over a trap instrumental with a somewhat eerie synth pattern leading into “Cold Case” taking more ominous approach talking about spending $1K on a new pair of kicks. Fellow SossHouse labelmate Jelly makes the album’s only guest appearance on “Big Dog” diving into more rowdier territory as far as sound goes boasting their statuses in the game just before “Hood Rich” has a really cool flute weaves into the fold thanking God he didn’t lose his life in the streets.

“Another One” has one of the weaker performances on the album as he sounds like he’s trying to impersonate Gucci Mane a bit jumping over a rubbery trap beat talking about not needing another plug while “Motion Picture” mixes some keys & hi-hats asking what the biz is. The song “Cash App” has a more suspenseful vibe for an ode to the titular mobile payment service while the wavy penultimate track “Steven Segal” talking about getting the dope & selling it. “My Last” is a synth-induced closer spending the remaining amount he has on 20 things.

I’ll always appreciate Pi’erre for always trying to push his protégés by producing albums for them & Still Trapp’n makes it pretty clear that Frazier ain’t going nowhere because not only is it on par with the predecessor, but has me anticipating Chavo’s World 3 as well as Sharc Wave & Street’z Hottest Young’n in the coming weeks. He sounds refreshed after taking a couple years off & I actually think the production that his mentor cooks up here is better than self-titled as solid as that album was.

Score: 3.5/5

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