Chavo – “Chavo’s World 3” review

Chavo is a 29 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia notable for being the son of Benzino & the older brother of Coi Leray. However, my introduction to him was when South Carolina recording artist & producer Pi’erre Bourne signed him to his very own Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records. His 2018 debut mixtape Hood Luva was solid & the sophomore tape Mixed Emotions was even better in my eyes until the full-length debut Chavo’s World continued to show his elevation. However, the sequel generally received moderate reception & his debut EP Hood Luva 2 is considered to be his weakest body of work. The next EP Blue Hills returned to a more mixed response, but is now re-enlisting Pi’erre to fully produce his 3rd album.

“I Love It” lets it all off with a synthesizer-based trap instrumental explaining that he be getting money whereas “Fort Worth” featuring Sharc works in some strings & hi-hats so they can both talk about pulling up to Texas. “B.M.D. (Bitches, Money, Drugs)” is a flute/trap hybrid detailing the 3 things that he loves the most in this world just before “Black Tint” has a more vibrant feeling to it boasting that he feels like the president when riding around in the titular kind of whip.

Meanwhile, “Queen of the Demand” brings back the synths to acknowledge that his girl is well aware of the fact that Chavo gon’ fuck on her friends if she fucking her also leading into “I.D.W.T.F.N.L.W.U.” (I Don’t Want to Fall n Love With U)” is a shimmering trap cut about not wanting to fall in love with this bitch he’s talking about. “HEY!” keeps things wavy telling this woman who wants to her to smash at a party to not pay attention to nobody, but then “Hoola Hoop” dives into more atmospherical territory talking about spinning around after dropping the addy.

“Procedure” blends the sounds of a submarine & these synthesizers so he can show off his luxuries that come with a life of fame while “For Me (Babygirl)” is a catchy trap ballad with some pop rap elements throughout a confesses that he don’t know if this chick is his soulmate. “Up Up Up” incorporates a booming instrumental telling this woman not to be a stranger while “Postman” featuring Veeze finds the pair over a hazy beat talking about running laps all year long.

Moving on from there, “Call on Me” has a more minimal sound telling his lover to drop the addy whenever while “Hiccups” dives into moodier turf talking about the game needing him & that none of his boys are victims. The song “Serena, Venus” gives off a more trippier aesthetic describing this Brooklyn girl he met seeing the difference between Chavo & her own man while the penultimate track “Shiesty” talks about how reckless the homies be over synth-strings & hi-hats. “System” though is a futuristic closer with his lover making it clear she’ll catch a case for him.

As disappointing as Hood Luva 2 & Blue Hills have been, I still respectfully maintain that this guy has an overall discography superior to his younger sister’s & Chavo’s World 3 further solidifies that because this is a dope return to form for him. Pi’erre’s production here is refreshing considering that was the biggest issue I had with both of those previous EPs & Chavo himself sounds more focused throughout his performances.

Score: 3.5/5

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