Summrs – “What We Have” review

Summrs is a 20 year old rapper from Lafayette, Louisiana coming up as a member of the Slayworld collective founded by Goonie amongst others. He’s dropped a plethora of projects since 2016 including All Summr & Devotion. But just 3 months after his most recent album Intoxicated, the kid is following it up with a brand new EP.

The title track at the start speaks on his drug addiction over a peaceful yet bass-heavy beat from Goyxrd whereas the next song “put out fye” is a cloudy love ballad. Meanwhile on “out da window”, we get these luscious synth chords as Summrs shows off his bankroll while the Autumn!-produced “just can’t” is a smoky cut about how no one can touch his rank. The penultimate track “bfo2” serves as a mystical sequel to “Me vs. the World / Bros Fall Out” & then “cut so deep” is a glossy finisher about how “you feelin’ me & I’m feelin’ you”.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best projects that Summrs has put out yet. I like how he went back to the pluggnb sound that he came up on & it’s pretty cool for any Day 1 fans of his.

Score: 3.5/5

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