O.C. – “Trophies” review

7 years after his previous effort Smoke & Mirrors, Brooklyn MC O.C. of the legendary D.I.T.C. crew is back with his 6th full-length album but he has enlisted my favorite producer in the game right now Apollo Brown (of The Left & Ugly Heroes) to produce the album in it’s entirety & Apollo’s label Mello Music Group (one of my favorite labels right now) to release it. Musically, it features no guest appearances whatsoever & it is literally O.C.’s best work in a long time. The boom bap production is hard hitting & the samples are worked in really well, the conscious lyrics are meaningful (namely on the tracks Prove Me Wrong or We the People), the delivery is sincere & passionate. The only weak point throughout the 54 minute 15 track run is the painfully idiotic opening line on the track Just Walk (“Disrespect’s a no no, I’m far from a homo”) but other than that, I’d say that this is up there with Word…Life & Jewelz. From start to finish this is exactly what mainstream hip hop is lacking these days, consistently dope beats & consistently dope rhymes

Score: 4.5/5

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