Rico Nasty – “Anger Management” review

Rico Nasty is a 21 year old rapper from Palmer, Park, Maryland that I first caught wind of last year with the release of her Nasty mixtape, which showcased a unique personality in Rico as well as her eclecticism. However, she’s now teaming up with Kenny Beats to deliver her debut EP.

The EP kicks off with “Cold”, where Rico talks about being the hottest female spitter in the game right now over an industrial beat. The next track “Cheat Code” talks about biters over an abrasive beat while the song “Hatin’” is an ode to boss bitches & I love how they revamp the same sample that JAY-Z & Timbaland used for “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”. The track “Big Titties” with EARTHGANG sees the 3 talking about their lifestyles over a quirky beat & after the “Nasty World” skit,  the song “Relative” talks about how Rico’s  fame as affected those around her over some somber piano chords & heavy bass. The track “Mood” feels more like a Splurge joint since he takes up a bulk of it while the song “Sellout” talks about loving yourself over a moody trap beat. The EP then finishes with “Again”, where Rico celebrates her success over a spacey trap beat.

Yeah, this is Rico’s best work yet. Her lyricism is sharper & Kenny just goes to show that he’s one of the hottest producers in the game at this very moment.

Score: 4/5

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