Rich Brian – “The Sailor” review

Rich Brian is a 19 year old rapper from Indonesia known for being a member of the 88rising collective. He made his debut last year with Amen & now, he’s back with his sophomore album.

It all starts with the title track, where Brian gets introspective over a grimy boom bap beat. The next song “Rapapapa” with RZA of all people sees the 2 getting romantic over a harmonious trap beat while the track “Yellow” vents about Brian’s personal issues over a church-esque instrumental. The song “Kids” talks about Brian’s background over a triumphant boom bap beat while the track “Drive Safe” tells the story of a long distance relationship over some somber guitar chords.

The song “Confetti” brags over a monstrous instrumental while the track “Vacant” sees Brian telling this girl why he’s better for her over an intoxicating instrumental. The song “No Worries” talks about how he’s socially awkward over a piano-inflicted trap beat while the track “100°” is a fun summer anthem. The song “Slow Down Turbo” talks about how life’s moving too fast for him over an instrumental that starts off with a Godly atmosphere, but then switches into something more spacey. The penultimate track “Curious” ponders his biggest questions over an acoustic instrumental & then the album ends with “Where Does the Time Go?”, where Brian & Joji talk about hoes over another acoustic instrumental.

Never been a big fan of this dude in the past, but this has me officially sold on him. The production is a lot more versatile & Brian’s personality shines a lot brighter through the songwriting.

Score: 3.5/5

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