Devin the Dude – “Soulful Distance” review

Devin the Dude is a 50 year old rapper & singer from Houston, Texas who came up as a member of the trio Coughee Brothaz. They would eventually catch the attention of J. Prince in 1993 & sign to Rap-A-Lot Records, only releasing 1 album Fadanuf fa Erybody!!. However, Devin would break out as a solo artist by releasing 4 albums before departing in 2008. He’s gone on to make 6 albums since then but much like his previous effort Still Rolling’ Up: Somethin’ to Ride With that dropped a couple summers ago, Devin is teaming up with Blyne Rob for his 11th full-length outing.

It all starts with the title track, where Devin talks about wanting the pandemic to end & go back on the road over a synth-funk instrumental. The next song “Discouraged” talks about life not being easy over a tranquil beat while the track “To Each His Own” talks about the rap game over a slow boom bap instrumental. The song “Nothin’ Really Just Chillin’” perfectly lives up to it’s name as Devin talks about relaxing over a druggy trap beat while the track “My Left Nut Itch” talks about sluts over a skeletal instrumental.

The song “Just Ridin’ By” with Big Pokey & Lil Keke finds the trio talking about pulling up into a party over a psychedelic beat while the track “You Got No Time to Play” gets romantic over a sensual instrumental. The song “He Don’t Have to Know” talks about infidelity over an acoustic beat while the track “P.L.A.N.S.A. (Please Leave A N****’s Shit Alone)” lyrically speaks for itself over a funky instrumental.

The song “A Good Woman” gives some romantic advise over an spacious beat while the track “High & Trippin’” with 14k sees the 2 talking about bugging out over an odd boom bap instrumental. The song “BREAK-fast” gets in his storytelling bag over a bluesy beat while the penultimate track “Live & Let Live” with Slim Thug & Scarface finds the 3 talking about learning how to take care of business over some heavy drums & some keyboards buried behind. The album ends with “We Smokin’”, where the Coughee Brothaz get together for a weed anthem backed by a bass-line & some bells.

Devin is one of the greatest to ever come out of H-Town & even in his 50s, he hasn’t lost a single step. His versatility & charisma are still stronger than ever whereas Blyne Rob cooks up some slick ass production for him.

Score: 3.5/5

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