Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa – “Stoner’s Night” review

This is a brand new collaborative album from Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa. One is iconic for co-founding the seminal Memphis outfit Three 6 Mafia with the other coming straight outta Pittsburgh gaining worldwide attention in 2010 off his classic 7th mixtape Kush & Orange Juice. These guys have been working with each other ever since Wiz signed Juicy to Taylor Gang Entertainment the following year & they even went on to form the trio TGOD Mafia with TM88 in 2016, dropping their only album to date Rude Awakening that summer. However, it was announced last fall that they were working on Stoner’s Night & now we’re actually being treated to the final product.

“Testin’” is an explosive opener pondering why anyone wants to fuck with them whereas “Weak” almost sounds like a parody of “Weak Azz Bitch” down to the redundant Big30 feature. “Pop That Trunk” however takes a grimier approach talking about having toolies in their whips leading into the nocturnal “Big Game” co-produced by 808 Mafia co-founder Lex Luger getting materialistic.

Meanwhile on “Backseat”, we have Project Pat joining Juicy & Wiz on top of a cloudy trap beat talking about being the realest dudes their women have ever been with just before the horn & chime-laced “Throw It” reveals itself to be a fun strip club banger. “Try It” takes a mistier trap route talking about fighting fire with fire, but then “They Wanna See You” keeps it rolling by angrily clapping back at those praying on their downfall.

“Ass for Days” almost has this symphonic trap quality to it talking about a woman with Cake who goes both ways while “Club Close” has a more vibrant tone speaking on acting a fool. The song “Blaze Up” of course comes through with a cloudy weed anthem while the penultimate track “Why Do I Stay High?” picks up where the predecessor left off except it’s more melodic. “Invest” then ends the album with a celebratory ballad about them investing the money they already have.

It’s always exciting when these 2 link up with each other & Stoner’s Night was definitely an enjoyable listen for me. It’s pretty much what I expected as far as subject matter goes, but Juicy’s production once again takes listeners back to Three 6’s heyday & his chemistry with Wiz Khalifa remains unmatched even a little over a decade later.

Score: 3.5/5

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