Destroy Lonely – “No Stylist” review

This is the highly anticipated full-length debut from Atlanta recording artist Destroy Lonely. The son of former Disturbing tha Peace Records signee I-20, he’s released a total of 6 EPs & 2 mixtapes since originally breaking out through SoundCloud a couple years back & has even signed to Playboi Carti’s very own Interscope Records imprint Opium Records to surprise drop No Stylist in light of his ongoing tour with fellow label-mate Ken Carson.

“JETLGGD” is a futuristic trap opener talking about switching up his swag whereas “BERGDORF” takes a more triumphant route detailing the crazy life that he lives. “<3MYGNG” is a dance/trap hybrid expressing his love for his crew leading into the bassy “VTMNTSCOAT” showing off some new drip over an electronic-flavored instrumental.

The title track works in some retro video game like-synths bragging that he’s fresh as fuck, but then “FAKNGGAS” shoots for a more futuristic aesthetic talking about the wankstas. “SOARIN’” gives off a bassier tone admitting he doesn’t get fly no more just before “TURNINUP” is a colorful trap banger talking about getting lit.

“LNLY” dives into cloudy territory thanks to Clayco going into detail as to why they call him that prior to the rubbery yet atmospheric “PRSSURE” talking about how he knew he was special. “ONTHETABLE” is a bombastic ode to the bread while “SWGSKOOL” samples the Deftones joint “Beauty School” confessing that he done lost his motherfucking mind.

Following that, the vocal sample throughout “CRYSTLCSTLES” is hypnotic as fuck with Lonely comparing his girl to Alice Glass while “DANGEROUS” brings back the trap/rock combination to detail the side of Atlanta that he’s from. The guitars throughout “MKEITSTOP” are a bit more punk-inspired talking about making it all the way to the top while “ONTHEFLOOR” is cloudy trap rock amalgamation confessing the shit he’s seen at 20 years old.

The song “PASSAROUND” has a more quirkier feel to it talking about his preference to face his hoes while the penultimate track “OTW” rattles off some hi-hats with more mellow backdrop detailing the things that’ve been coming his way lately. “VETERAN” with Ken Carson is a rage-inducing closer as 2 Carti protégés put the lifestyles that they both live on wax.

At the end of my review of Ken’s solid yet overhated sophomore album X, I said that I respectfully think Lonely is the best Opium signee yet & this full-length debut of his pretty much proves my point. He has more versatility than Ken as proven by the production, his vocal performances & songwriting. Very excited to see them both when they come to town.

Score: 4/5

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